Nike, sportswear style


Wednesday 13 March 2019

Comfort and creativity are undoubtedly the two adjectives that best define the sporty fashion that in recent seasons has taken by storm those who want to go further and dress comfortably anywhere and on any occasion. Trainers, caps and bum bags have been trendy since last year, and they make up the sportswear style in which originality and avant-garde go hand in hand. For years Nike has been creating trends in sportswear with style, and this season is your opportunity to complete your wardrobe at the best price.

NIKE’s offerings in sweatshirts, bomber jackets and anoraks have been all the rage since 2017 and the underground style has already flooded city streets and the nights of many fashionable spots. Redesigns reminiscent of other times but with all of today’s colour and the comfort of sportswear.

Relive the ‘90s, go back to spending hours sitting in the street in your most casual look, but don't lose sight of your style.

It’s time for good intentions, and sport should be on your ‘to do’ list for this season. Add a few sporty touches to your look and soon you will not be able to go out without your favourite Nike garment. Also, the incredible discounts that you find every day at Mallorca Fashion Outlet make the change of wardrobe this season into a much easier experience. Opting for comfort and originality in your day-to-day can be your fashion pick from now on.