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Sunday 11 November 2018

In the world of American fashion, Brooks Brothers is an icon, it is the oldest retailer in the country. A brand that has celebrated its 200 year anniversary and has maintained its values and traditions throughout all this time.


The first store opened in New York in 1818 with very clear objectives, to make quality garments at a reasonable price and find customers who appreciate very well made clothes. As a matter of interest, we can tell you that it was John Brooks, great-grandson of the founder, who introduced buttons to the collars of shirts.


In 1949, Brooks Brothers introduced the women’s department to their stores and caused a sensation among its female audience after the publication of a pink shirt in VOGUE magazine, although it wasn’t until 1976 that the company launched its female department in earnest.

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At Mallorca Fashion Outlet you have a Brooks Brothers boutique, where you can find its most iconic garments: the REPP tie with repeated diagonal lines, the Indian madras (check pattern) and diamond Argyle socks, without forgetting the Brookscase, considered to be the best travel shirt, miraculously free of wrinkles.

A space with lots of personality that defines everything that the brand means, a lifestyle.

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The actor and model Ruben Battle with Brooks Brothers total look at the recent Blue Night event organised by Mallorca Fashion Outlet


SaxXon is a luxury wool which has traditionally been called the world’s Golden Fleece and can be found exclusively at Brooks Brothers; in fact, the animal that it comes from is the firm’s logo. Unlike other wools, SaxXon is resistant to wrinkles and is a fabric that regains its shape easily.


In the BROOKS BROTHERS boutique at Mallorca Fashion Outlet you have clothes and accessories of the highest quality, with discounts from 30%