1 pair of trousers, 5 looks, Skinny Denim: The trousers that no wardrobe should be without


Friday 7 September 2018

If we talk about denim, one of the key items that your wardrobe shouldn’t be without is some skinny denim jeans. Nowadays, shops offer such variety that it’s not enough to turn up and ask for denim jeans, there are many options and many terms. Skinny jeans, for those who aren’t clear on it, are those denim trousers that mould to your body thanks to their elastic fabric and that, having conquered all kinds of women a long time ago, have broadened their horizons and there are now increasingly more men who opt for this style of trousers.

Why choose skinny trousers? For their versatility, given that they go with almost everything. Women can wear them with totally different styles, as we are going to show you below, in looks that we have chosen and that you can find in the shops of Mallorca Fashion Outlet.

The classic style is the most basic, traditional style that does not go out of fashion. Women with this style go for simple lines and quality garments.

Trench coat/shirt/shoes: Adolfo Domínguez, skinny jeans: Pepe Jeans, sunglasses: SUNGLASS Hut, bag: Bimba & Lola

Different, original, unique… That’s what the creative style is like and it is easy to spot women who have it, their looks do not go unnoticed and they’re not right for every audience. A style that people experiment with, where garments, fabrics and colours are mixed, and special items of clothing and accessories are included.

Bomber jacket: DIESEL, top/shoes: MANGO, skinny jeans: Pepe Jeans, sunglasses: SUNGLASS Hut, clutch: Adolfo Domínguez

Pastel colours, frills, floral designs, lace… Is this what you like when it comes to buying clothes? Well you have a romantic style, without a doubt. The sweetest of all, and which has the knack of making people seem closer and friendlier.

Sweatshirt/bag/shoes: Bimba & Lola, skinny jeans: Pepe Jeans

The style that more women have opted for in recent times is the natural style and we’re clear on the reason why – because the garments that define it are the comfiest of all. Plain and neutral colours and natural fabrics achieve a simple and breezy look.

Anorak/jersey: Adolfo Domínguez, skinny jeans: Pepe Jeans, sunglasses: MANGO, shoes: CONVERSE

Despite appearing to be a relaxed image, Boho Chic – one of the latest styles to be adopted in current times – requires a lot of personality and work so that the combinations are a hit. Tassels, layered items, accessories in bright colours, feathers… result in this star look with a hippie feel.

Fur coat: Javier Simorra, shirt/shoes: MANGO, skinny jeans: Pepe Jeans, sunglasses: SUNGLASS HUT, hat: Bimba & Lola

There are women who remain loyal to a single style, others who blend them and achieve excellent results, and those who dress depending on what mood they wake up in. Can you identify yourself?