Camp David | Soccx

The men’s leisure clothing label was created in 1997 by the Clinton company. At the same time, Soccx was created for women. In 2000 the Chelsea clothing shops were created using Franchises. Concepts for Camp David stores in 2008 and Soccx in 2010 were introduced with the same strategy. In 2013 there were 230 stores and over 1000 sales floors in department stores of the both the Camp David and Soccx brand in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and by 2014, according to their own information, there were more than 250 stores and 1500 sales areas.

Until 2010, the brand was only available in former East Germany. With Dieter Bohlen's commitment as a brand ambassador and the associated presence of the brand in the television show Das Supertalent, it successfully expanded into the West.

The Clinton company was named after former US-president Bill Clinton, Camp David is named after his country estate; Soccx after the family cat, Socks; and Chelsea after his daughter Chelsea Clinton. The namings are considered to be a successful example of the Country-of-Origin Effects.